OnePlus One in India get Cortana integration


OnePlus One users in India can now take advantage of all features available from Cortana, the intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft.

“We’re happy to announce that we’re launching Cortana in India on Cyanogen OS first. OnePlus One owners running 13.1 in India can now take advantage of all of the awesome features available from Cortana,” Cyanogen admin said on the official blog.

Though Cortana first came to the Cyanogen OS in January this year, the mod was still to be rolled out in India. It will now offer seamless integration with Windows apps such as Skype and OneNote.

Mods are third party features that are integrated into the existing OS. The Cortana Mod is extended to the lockscreen for easier access.

Cortana for OnePlus will let users set reminders, take a selfie and even access schedule with simple voice commands. In the Cyanogen contacts app, users can search, see and call Skype contacts straight from the contact card.

Those on 13.1 version alone will be able to receive the update.


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