Chromebook Pixel 2 out of stock indefinitely, new model soon?


Pixel 2 – the best Chromebook on the market right now is going to be off the shelves and Google isn’t planning on restocking them any time soon.

The second generation of the Chromebook Pixel has now become unavailable in the US but still remains in stock in the UK. Although Asus, Acer, Lenovo and other companies have tried their hand at making Chromebooks (and have been quite successful too), they just aren’t able to match the software and quality that the Pixel 2 emanates.

Just as the Nexus is to Android, the Pixel is to Chromebook. The Pixel is a showcase of the Chrome OS software with hardware that has been handpicked by Google. Known for its sturdy and beautiful aluminium chassis, spacious keyboard and high-res screen with some pretty good performance and battery life, the Pixel 2’s only drawback was its price which rivaled even that of a MacBook or a higher end PC. But being popular was never the intention of the Pixel 2, since there wasn’t much marketing done around the device.

The Pixel looked like a laptop and definitely functioned like one as well, with the added perks of Chrome OS’s clean, uncluttered interface. It came with USB Type C ports, Intel’s latest chipset and the reliability of it being a Google endorsed machine. But maybe it was about time that they dropped the hammer on the Pixel 2 in order to learn from their mistakes and develop the next iteration in a more sensible manner.

In fact, Google has already been preparing for this moment, having issued a job opening for a Chromebook Pixel Quality Engineer. This does mean that now Google is interested in the laptop market and that it will be using the learnings from the Pixel 2 and create more such systems. Further down the line, one can also expect high-end performing laptops at this rate.

And if people are downhearted that Pixel 2 will stop to be produced, they can confide on Google’s Pixel C – a tablet/laptop hybrid which will, of course, get the Google treatment with regard to regular software updates. Plus with Android 7.0 now available for Pixel C, there should be plenty of useful features to take advantage of.


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