LG’s new Bluetooth speakers – PH2, PH3 and PH4


South Korean electronics multinational company LG is all set to release three new wireless speakers at IFA 2016. The LG PH2, PH3, and PH4 are part of the same range launched earlier – LG PH1.

While the LG PH2 and PH4 are designed to be used in rustic and outdoor settings, the PH3 on the other hand is meant for indoor use. Both PH2 and PH4 feature a water-resistant design. The PH4, however, also offers louder sound thanks to its dual-driver set up and features a lamp system much like the PH1. All three of the new speakers have fabric coating.

The speakers have a design that allows 360-degree omni-directional sound. While the PH3 and PH4 are able to run for 10 hours on a full charge, the PH2 has a battery life of six hours. All of them feature Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, as well as auxiliary 3.5mm sockets for use with stereo cables.

Noticeably, the new range is an expansion of the LG PH1, which was launched earlier this month. The first product, LG PH1 is priced at Rs 4,490 INR. The design was something that kept all the other devices out of the competition. The new speakers also feature interesting lighting features and a compact, attractive design like its predecessor.

However, the sound falls a bit short of expectations and we found the PH1 to be a bit overpriced. While LG has not announced pricing for the new products, they are expected to be priced well above that of the PH1.

Brian Kwon, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company, shared in a statement to media, “At LG, we seek to develop products that fit the real life needs of consumers.”

“With our diverse line up of wireless speakers, I am confident consumers will be able to find the perfect audio solution for any setting.”


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