Will the next iPhone model be called iPhone 6SE?


The next generation iPhone has not been launched yet but it sure is eliciting a lot of interested among tech lovers. The latest rumor is that the next iPhone model will have 256GB of storage. This rumor is believed to have emanated from Taiwan where sources hinted that Apple had contracted NAND flash vendors such as Samsung and SK Hynix for the NAND flash drive.

It is believed that when speculations became rife regarding the increasing demand of iPhones and other smartphones, Samsung and SK Hynix increased the prices of the NAND chips. The report from Taiwan goes ahead to suggest that Apple’s demand of the NAND flash is critical for NAND flash vendors since Apple is regarded as one of the greatest consumers of the chip. This assumption points out to Apple’s consumption of the entire NAND supply after the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S last year which stood at 15% of the entire NAND supply.

There is scanty information regarding whether the 256GB variant will be used on the iPhone 7 or both the iPhone 7 and the rumored iPhone 7 Plus. The rumors about the next-generation iPhone appear to take people on a roller coaster. Previously, there were reports that Apple was planning to do away with 16GB base storage variant and replace it with the 32GB option. Then came some reports that the company was intending to do away with the 64GB model and replace it with the 128GB variant.

A report from Japan earlier this year appeared to suggest that Apple would only unveil the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus this year. This report contradicted previous reports that there existed a third model known as the iPhone Pro. The latest leak however does not suggest whether there is another model that has not been mentioned. Due to the minimal design expected on the next generation iPhone, one cannot ignore the rumor that the next model by Apple will be called iPhone 6SE.


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