Wikiverse transforms Wikipedia into a web interactive 3D map


Let’s face it. Searching for articles on Wikipedia is pretty boring. Well, not that it doesn’t do its job well or anything; just that one article could contain numerous related links and if you like going on a clicking spree, then you’ll find yourself buried in hundreds of articles. That’s where Wikiverse comes in.

Wikiverse basically transforms Wikipedia into a gigantic galaxy of an encyclopedia in the form of a web interactive 3D map. And it looks gorgeous. Having been developed by Owen Cornec who has made a ton of other similar graphical websites, Wikiverse sources the multitudes of articles from Wikipedia and generates them as a 3D map to display the thousands of connections and overlapping articles that each entry carries.

It’s fairly simple to use and looks like something straight out of Minority Report. The interface is simple – each star that you see is an article within a larger domain of connecting articles that are grouped together to form clusters. Click on one of them and it will expand to show the wealth of information that it contains.

Currently, the website has three modes – Light, Medium and Complete, each holding 1%, 2% and 5% of Wikipedia’s information respectively. Yes, even 1% of Wikipedia’s articles are a lot to muster up – that is 50,000 articles. The more articles it loads, the better the connections you will find within the knowledge base. But you’ll probably end up playing around with its cool scrolling effect and the graphics instead of actually using it as a tool.

Be sure to use a decently spec’d PC or smartphone while using Wikiverse, because it can get pretty intensive on the hardware. If you need some space away from the mundane clicking on Wikipedia, this website makes your search a lot easier, and also makes you look like a legit international hacker while doing so.


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