Exclusive 6GB variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for Chinese market?


Samsung has already sent out invites in preparation for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with the event scheduled to take place on August 26. According to the statement by Samsung, there will be major variations on the Galaxy Note 7 and in particular 6GB RAM and 12 GB internal memory in China.

Tenaa, which is the main Chinese certification site hinted that the Chinese market could exclusively get 6GB RAM on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. When asked to confirm the rumor, Samsung’s president for mobile division, Dong-Jin Koh confirmed that the company was in the process of reviewing the memory capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with the intention of competing with local mobile manufacturers in China.

The statement by president Koh alludes that the variant is purely based on stemming competition within the Chinese market.While confirming the rumors, Koh was also aware that giving the Chinese market preferential features on the Galaxy Note 7 could disappoint consumers from other regions such as South Korea a move that could hurt Samsung’s successful run with its Galaxy Note models locally.

According to a recent report published by Playfuldroid, Samsung had confirmed that it would launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on August 26 at the company’s headquarters. However, the 6GB RAM and a 12GB internal memory variant would remain exclusively for the Chinese market.

As for now, it is not yet clear whether the 6GB variant and the 12GB internal memory could extend to other countries where Samsung phones enjoy massive support from consumers. What is interesting about the expected launch is the expectation that the 6GB variant that the Chinese market will enjoy for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be powered by 820 SoC instead of the Exynos 8890.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with the 6GB variant exclusively in China or whether the company will be tempted to extend the variant to South Korea in order to please its local market.


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