Google confident of its new video calling app ‘Duo’


Google’s new video calling application Duo was officially released to the public today. Duo is the new biggest rival for popular applications such as Facebook Messenger and Facetime.

Although critics doubt the timing of the release, Google remains confident that their simplified video calling application will become a social hit, bringing profits to the company.

Google Duo is available in Android as well as iOS in over 78 languages.

Duo was purposefully designed to be a simple, navigation friendly application. The features are not as complex or integrated as its rivals. Users can sign up in just a few steps.

The application certainly has nifty features. Users can easily switch between connections without the call being dropped. Call quality adjusts to changing network conditions. For video calls on the go, Duo will switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically. Another innovative feature is ‘Knock Knock’ which allows users to see live video of the caller before even answering the call.

As expected Duo has an end to end encryption ensuring that all calls remain private. The application also syncs contacts directly from phonebook reducing the effort required to add and remove contacts.

Although Google Duo has a lot of work to accomplish before it can become as integrated as its competitors, there is high hopes that it will supersede its competition as the leading video calling platform .


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