Ringly’s smart bracelets and rings can track fitness


The current generation of smartwatches and fitness bands have now found a tasteful new avenue, in smart jewellery, with Ringly, leading the pack in this segment, aimed at the posh. Its Aires collection of bracelets and smart rings are now available for buying.

The app which accompanies Ringly’s smart bracelets and rings can track steps, calories and distance travelled

The app which accompanies Ringly’s smart bracelets and rings can track steps, calories and distance travelled

These bracelets offer the functions of a smart wearable such as tracking steps as well as offering notifications from the paired smartphone. It’ll be compatible for both Android and iPhone. It’s also got a battery life that will last around two to three days.

But don’t be too tempted by its technical offering, since the range of luxury wearables is more focused on the aesthetic appeal than it is on the functionality. The bracelets come in six unique offerings, all featuring different gemstones. They’ll come with 14k gold plating, a polished stainless steel finish, as well as crystal pyramid stud detail. They’re also available in two sizes – a small 6.5-inch size and a large 7.5-inch size.

The Aries ring comes in five variants, each with their own style and semi-precious gemstones. The bases are also available in 18k gold or gunmetal plated stainless steel. As far as sizes go, they’re available in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

In functionality, both offer the same set of connectivity features. They can pair to the user’s smartphone, and glow whenever a notification comes up such as an incoming call, text message and other alerts. They’ve got a diverse set of compatible apps to sync with like WhatsApp and Slack and about a 100 more. The devices can also vibrate in four unique patterns to identify with their respective alerts. How useful that is, when there are multiple apps synced probably will be a question and notifications will also be flashed in any of five colours.

Of course, all the tracking and fitness-inducing that the wearables offer will be relayed through its own companion app that will create benchmarks and also provide alerts for goals reached. The companion app is easy to use and offers just as much simplicity and functionality as the rest of the fitness apps out there.

The only way to acquire one of these devices is through their own website. They will cost $195 and $245 respectively for their rings and bracelets. For the tech-savvy, maybe they can give this a pass. But for the fashion conscious, it’s worth at least a glance.


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